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Our Solutions

our solutions

Leaf is a software solution that captures and receives reliable and up-to-date data directly through integration with stakeholders from suppliers to logistics providers & carriers, 3PLs, 3rd parties, and non-profit organisations.

Built on our framework of expertise, our approach helps companies to achieve their sustainability goals and targets by analysing data across the entire supply chain. Here are the sources from which we capture our data:

Our Data Sources

Fabric Composition and Supplier Data

Utilising product data held or directly populated into Leaf, we can detail products’ fabric compositions, origins, and weights.

Master Data

Our integrated solution means we capture the most up-to-date data from initiative schemes and non-profit organisations in order to accurately calculate your environmental footprint. These initiatives include CO2 figures from Clean Cargo or water usage in cotton production from the Better Cotton Initiative.

Shipment Data

We obtain shipping data through integration with logistics providers.

Carrier Data

This is specific data issued by the carrier, populated either directly into the Leaf dashboard or by utilising integration methods.

What challenges do companies face?

We understand that there are many obstacles standing between a company and their sustainability goals, and Leaf is here to help. Obtaining, understanding, and interpreting data can be confusing and time-consuming, and a company may doubt the reliability and accuracy of their data collection.

Poor processes and information sharing between fragmented departments can exacerbate the task of find out one’s environmental footprint. Once you couple all these obstacles with low supply chain network visibility, one’s sustainability goals appear just out of reach! But Leaf has the solutions to these challenges.

Leaf’s Solutions

Our excellent framework, enterprise platform, and 25 years of experience of navigating supply chain data all make our approach so successful. Our stream-lined process, design, analysis, and IT infrastructure, make it easy to understand the environmental impacts of each stage of your supply chain.

Leaf is provided as a cloud based SaaS solution. Once you have integrated with Leaf, it is simple to identify and obtain information directly through the Leaf supplier Engagement Portal. We also offer a comprehensive end-to-end service involving implementation, support, and systems integration.

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